Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts

Two Way Radio
communication system and service

Tait DMR Two-way Radios

Tait DMR is a digital communications platform that delivers a critical safety tool for professionals in industries, oil refineries, public and government institutions. Tait radios are continuously evolving with the best design, safety features and a range of options to suit a variety of challenging environments faced by customers. Moreover, Tait Enable provides four distinctive tools for mission-critical organizations to oversee, monitor, safeguard, and report on their radio communications network.

Cutting-edge features of TAIT Radios for efficient communication

Radios crafted with powerful design and advanced features to enhance usage efficiency.

Excellent Voice Quality

Radios have enhanced digital vocoders for superior quality of output

Emergency Features

The GPS functionality enables location identification in the event of a person being down. The stun and revive feature permits disabling in cases of theft.
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Quad Mode Functionality

Capable of accommodating various standards, including DMR Tier 3, analog conventional, MPT 1327, and DMR Tier 2.

Secure Communication

Configurable DMR authentication top protect network access. End-to-end supported encryption,including DES,ARC4,or AES

TAIT Two Way Radio Types

Tait's versatile portable radios are adaptable, multimodal devices with diverse options tailored to address the challenges encountered by our customers in various environments. Serving as crucial safety tools, they offer dependable communication, adhere to open standards, and can markedly improve your operations when integrated with Tait systems like DMR Tier 3, management tools such as Tait Enable, and Tait Unified Solutions.

TP9500 Series

Portable _radio_TP9500_Series
Color screen
Louder, clearer audio
More ergonomic controls, all built Tait Tough for critical communications.
All built Tait Tough for critical communications.

TP9500 Series

Portable _radio_TP9300_Series
Multiple operating modes
Internal GPS - Man Down, Lone Worker, and a tough chassis, giving users complete confidence in their portable communications.O
Tough chassis, giving users complete confidence in their portable communications.

The TP3 is a unique, highly customizable portable radio. Available in DMR Tier 2 and analog, it puts the power to choose the color, display, keypad, and labels for each radio in your hands.

TP3 Series

Portable _radio_TP3_Series
Highly customizable portable radio.
Available in DMR Tier 2 and analog.
Choose color, display, keypad, and labels for each radio in your hands.

TAIT Radio Network Monitoring

Tait Enable represents a groundbreaking set of management tools that empowers you to take full control of your radio network. Managing your radio fleet can be an overwhelming task. Questions like who possesses each radio, when the last firmware update occurred, and the overall health and security of the network may pose significant challenges. The conventional approach involves countless spreadsheets, meetings, travels, and intricate details for radio managers. However, Tait Enable heralds a new era. It presents mission-critical organizations with four distinctive tools to efficiently oversee, monitor, safeguard, and report on their radio communications network, leaving the complexities of the past behind.

Tait Enable Fleet

Attain comprehensive oversight and control of your complete radio fleet through a centralized command center. Utilizing Tait EnableFleet, you can seamlessly configure and manage your array of mobile and portable radios from a single location, guaranteeing uniform, precise, and dependable outcomes. Updates and installations are now more rapid and straightforward than ever.

Tait Enable Monitor

Rest assured that your network is performing as anticipated and mitigate the impact of issues with live monitoring. Tait EnableMonitor offers instantaneous status updates on your network, including details on latency and packet loss. This capability empowers you to promptly detect and address potential issues before they impact your communication system.

Tait Enable Insight

Ensure the optimal performance of your network with straightforward access to real-time critical system measures and performance metrics. Gain comprehensive insights into incidents and receive diagnostic assistance in case of problems with Tait EnableInsight.

Tait Enable Protect

Regulate access to your network by allowing authorized individuals access to pertinent information while preventing unauthorized access. Tait EnableProtect, equipped with features such as Advanced System Key, Key Management Facility, and Key Fill Device, establishes multiple layers of security through authorization, authentication, and accountability. With efficient encryption and standards-compliant Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR), managing and updating your fleet becomes seamless.