Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts
Ancillary - hoods, speakers, cables, drivers


Page Party Devices are not complete without their accompanying accessories. We provide a diverse selection of ancillary equipment in different shapes, sizes and materials to suit your industrial requirement. Get in touch with us to know what fits your industry the best.

Acoustic and Industrial Hoods

Acoustic hoods are designed to reduce noise and facilitate communication in high noise environments. They are specifically designed for mounting GAI-Tronics equipment. Made of using Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic laminate construction, they are corrosion resistant. 

Available as 9-14db or 23db variants
Choose half hood or full hood designs
Multiple color options are available
Page party acoustic and industrial hoods
GAI-Tronics Cables

System and Loudspeaker Cables

Secure connection between your communication devices with GAI-Tronics cables sold by MGQ telecom. These specialized cables are efficient while sustaining operations at high temperatures. They are specially constructed of aluminum braids, bronze braids or corrugated aluminum sheaths to be extra thin.


Elevate workplace safety and efficiency with GAI-Tronics speakers - Tailored for industrial and commercial settings with high noise levels, our speakers are expertly designed for maximum clarity in highly reverberant areas. Optimal sound system performance is achieved by following precise guidelines for loudspeaker selection and placement. Ensuring intelligible voice broadcasts, our systems directly enhance safety and productivity. Experience a secure work environment that empowers individuals to perform daily tasks with heightened efficiency.

GAI-Tronics Non-Hazardous Speaker

Wide Angle Speakers

Optimized for Seamless Coverage – With coverage angles exceeding 90°, our solution excels in providing expansive indoor or outdoor coverage for large spaces.
Exercise care in indoor settings, as wider coverage angles may expose the sound field to extensive reflective surfaces, potentially increasing reverberation and impacting speech intelligibility.

GAI-Tronics Cabinet Speaker

Narrow Angle Speakers

Narrow angle speakers work best for indoor reverberant environments like hallways or outdoor long distance coverage over a narrow angle. The coverage angles less than or equal to 90°.

GAI-Tronics ceiling non-hazardous speaker

Cone Speakers

Cone speakers work best for ceiling heights less than 20ft or wall mounting. Due to high frequencies they deliver a crystal clear immersive sound experience. The construction of cone speakers is less rugged and power output is lower as compared to horn load drivers.

GAI-Tronics Hazardous Area Speaker

Hazardous Areas

MGQ Telecom offers hazardous area speakers with global standards of IEC and ATEX units. Choose between 8 ohm, 16 ohm, 70V and 100V versions. With different power ratings to suit your industrial needs, these speakers have a global weather rating of IP66.