Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts
Versatile Loudspeaker System Offerings


MGQ Telecom provides a varied selection of public address broadcasting loudspeaker solutions tailored to meet the requirements of diverse industries, enhancing our hardware portfolio.

Wireless public address loudspeakers by GAI-tronics
Addressable Amplified Speakers

Public Address Loudspeakers

Want to avoid expensive wiring for each speaker in your industry? Then this solution is for you!

Powered by long life batteries and optional solar panels, GAI-Tronics addressable amplified speakers can be conveniently and securely connected to your existing radio or GSM system. Ideal for parade grounds, solar parks and more, these extensively tested and internationally certified speakers are weatherproof and can be controlled remotely.

Location Tailored Loudspeakers

Public Address Loudspeakers

Do you need loudspeakers for locations susceptible to explosions or for clean rooms? This solution is designed for your industry!

Meticulously designed, rigorously tested, and globally certified for superior performance, DNH loudspeakers are individually tailored for each environment. From clean room loudspeakers developed not to shed particles to highly sensitive explosion proof speakers, DNH loudspeakers offer a solution for every application.