Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts

Industrial Comm.

ICS stations are GAI-tronics’ latest generation of distributed amplifier equipment that can be smartly monitored. Having a straightforward and convenient setup, they feature completely redesigned electronics with a powerful 30W speaker amplifier. ICS Smart Series stations are completely backwards-compatible with existing ADVANCE/SmartSeries systems.

Industrial communication system (ICS) - Header

Why ICS System?

Industrial Communication Page Party station have several features that set them apart from other page party systems.
Light and easy to install.
Operate at voltage of 90V upto 250V AC as well as 24V DC.
ICS SmartSeries Upgrade Amplifiers produce more than twice the speaker amplifier output of previous stations.
Systems wired in parallel facilitating easy maintenance as well as addition of new stations at any point.
Each device can be remotely monitored for faults and status via ADVANCE.
Make existing 700 series stations smart by buying ICS Upgrade Amplifiers and simply plugging into existing stations.

ICS Hazardous Area
Page Party Stations

Facilitate seamless inter-facility communication in your industry with ICS Hazardous Area Page/Party® stations. Conforming to international standards for hazardous areas, these devices are durable and easy to operate. This distributed amplifier system, similar and compatible with existing GAI-Tronics 700 series Page/Party® systems, can work as a replacement for or in congregation with existing page party systems. They are constructed of cast aluminum and are extremely weatherproof and corrosion-resistant.

ATEX Zone 2

ATEX Zone 2 are the minimum safety requirement for workplaces and equipment used in explosive environments as per EU standards. GAI-Tronics Page Party Hazardous system conforms to these standards.

UL Divison 1

These models are NRTL certified in the following areas: Class I, Div. 1, Groups C and D; Class II, Div. 1,Groups E, F, and G; and Class III, Div. 1.

ICS Offshore
Page Party Stations

Introducing the GAI-Tronics ICS (Industrial Communication System) Off-Shore Page/Party Station – a crucial component of our cutting-edge modular industrial communication system. Seamlessly expand your capabilities by wiring additional stations in parallel, ensuring a dynamic and scalable solution that evolves with your needs. Elevate your communication infrastructure effortlessly and invest in the future of seamless connectivity.

Industrial communication system (ICS) - offshore single party handset station

Single Party Offshore

Industrial communication system (ICS) -  Offshore multiparty handset station

Multi-Party Offshore

Industrial communication system (ICS) - Offshore speaker amplifier station

Speaker Amplifier

ICS Safe Area
Page Party Stations

Industrial Communicaton Systems are UL certified safe area systems. They are available in a variety of different materials, colors and finishes. Choose your application and get in touch with us for further assistance.

Industrial communication system (ICS) - safe area outdoor handset station

Outdoor handset station

Weatherproof Handset Speaker Station with a Metallic Enclosure

Industrial communication system (ICS) -  safe area outdoor speaker amplifier

Outdoor speaker amplifier

ICS speaker amplifiers are utilized within an ICS system for powering speakers where handset intercom stations are not required.

Industrial communication system (ICS) - remote desktop mulitparty station

Remote Desktop

ICS remote, desktop, multi-party subset. Certified for CE safe areas, with a black finish and a 6 inch PVC handset cord.

Industrial communication system (ICS) - remote flush mount station

Remote Flush mount

ICS remote, flush-mount, multi-party subset. Certified for UL safe areas, with an orange finish and a 6 inch hytrel handset cord.

Industrial communication system (ICS) - remote desk edge station

Remote desk-edge

ICS remote, desk-edge, multi-party subset, UL Safe area, Orange finish, 6' PVC handset cord

Industrial communication system (ICS) - safe area page party converter radio coupler

Page Party Radio Coupler

Radio Couplers enable a GAI-Tronics Page/Party® system to communicate with wireless radio systems and vice versa. The coupler converts the radio signal to the appropriate signal levels for the Page/Party® system. The module has a relay output that activates whenever radio traffic is detected.

Industrial communication system (ICS) - eight speaker station

Eight Speaker

The ICS Eight-Speaker station is a powerful speaker amplifier designed with eight distinct speaker outputs. The flexibility of using any number of these outputs is tailored to meet specific operational needs. Each output delivers up to 1.75 watts of audio to an eight-ohm speaker. Furthermore, every output is equipped with a monitoring circuit capable of detecting fault conditions. Should a speaker fault occur, the ADVANCE system will promptly generate a message pinpointing the specific speaker requiring attention.

The ICS Eight-Speaker Station offers a straightforward and cost-effective solution for delivering speaker coverage to spaces like crew quarters and offices, where low-powered monitored speakers are essential.

Intelligent Plant Paging System
ADVANCE - Smart cabinet to operate multiple page party devices

The SmartSeries can be remotely monitored by ADVANCE cabinets. These stations operate like traditional GAI-TRONICS Page/Party® stations with some added features. The distinguishing features associated with the SmartSeries stations are :

Automatic off-hook duration limit.
Page duration limit.
Volume adjustment.