Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts

and Accessories

GAI-Tronics Telephones

GAI-Tronics telephones are operationally reliable and structurally robust, offering a premier solution for nearly any communication application. Rugged cast aluminum enclosures for use in abusive areas, non-metallic or stainless steel for use in corrosive atmospheres, and conformal electronics coating for use in high humidity applications are standard across the line. Each telephone includes a non-moveable cradle, a vandal-resistant handset with hearing aid compatible receiver, a noise-cancelling microphone, and either a Hytrel (heavy-duty, memory retaining) coiled cord or armored cord. Models are available in standard analog, SMART analog, or VoIP formats.

GAI-Tronics Telephone Types

GAI-TRONICS Rugged Telephone products are designed for use in rugged and harsh environments, with some models specifically intended for use in hazardous areas.

GAI-Tronics hazardous area telephone - Auteldac 6

Auteldac 5 and Auteldac 6

The most recent iteration of SIP VoIP phones adhering to RFC 3261 standards, specially designed for ATEX and IEC environments. With a robust body made of carbon-loaded glass-filled polyester, a noise-canceling headset, and weather-resistant materials, it's built to endure a wide range of tough and hazardous conditions.

Safe Areas

Commander and Titan

Weather and vandal resistant handset with easy to operate large tactile buttons .
Commander - Plastic bodied heavy duty telephone
TMetal bodies heavy duty telephone

GAI-tronics safe area telephone - Commander 

GAI-tronics safe area Titan Telephone

GAI-Tronics Telephone Connectivity

The GAI-Tronics telephones have a range of connectivity options, from smart analogue, standard analogue to Voice over (SIP Protocol). Choose from these to obtain the best fit for your industry.

Standard Analogue
SMART Analogue

Telephone Accessories

GAI-Tronics telephones are supplemented with accessories to be bought separately. These compliment and enhance the functioning of telephones in a variety of industrial environments.

GAI-Tronics industrial acoustic hood 23dB

Industrial Acoustic Hood

Acoustic hoods are designed to reduce noise and facilitate communication in high noise environments. They are specifically designed for mounting GAI-Tronics equipment. Made of using Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic laminate construction, they are corrosion resistant. 

30 watt speaker amplifier
specifically designed for installation and service within the industrial, petrochemical and offshore environments
Mean Noise Reduction over the speech interference band of 400Hz to 2500Hz.
Fire retardant
Available in different colors - Yellow, Orange, Red

Safe Area :
Telephone Ring Initiated Beacons

Telephone Ring Initiated Beacons are used as
emergency evacuation alarms and as colour
coded personal telephone where ambient noise
is high. They can be supplied without fitted cables
and glands fro hard wired installation. Current
usage is ultra low in these line powered beacons.

Available as Xenon or Ultra Low Current LED
Domes available in red, amber, blue, green and clear
Available as 2.5 or 11 Joule variants
Telephone ring initiated beacons for places with high ambient noise
GAI-Tronics Beacon

Hazardous Area :

GAI-tronics beacons have a robust corrosion proof copper construction and are certified for use in hazardous environments. The flameproof beacons are suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 applications. Xenon tubes mechanically secured against shock & vibration and glass lens & stainless steel guard

Multi-beacon systems have automatic synchronization feature
Stainless steel guard and mounting bracket as standard
Available as 21 Joule or 5 Joule variants
GAI-tronics alarm sounder with LED Beacon

Safe Area :
Alarm Sounder and LED Beacon

GAI-Tronics alarm sounder and beacon consists of a high output 100dB alarm sounder and an integral LED array beacon. It automatically synchronizes multiple sounders and is continuously rated. Made with stainless steel, this device has duplicate cable terminations for installation in a daisy chain network.

Tropicalization available on request
Mounting using external lugs for AC version or Internal BESA
Available as 2.5 or 11 Joule variants

Hazardous Area : Ex-Sounders

GAI-Tronics light weight sounders are used with hazardous area telephones. With 32 tones, these sounders operate at 117db and 115V or 230V AC and 24V or 48 V DC voltages. They are flame proof and corrosion proof and hence designed for use in the harshest of environments.

GAI-Tronics Hazardous Area Speaker
GAI-Tronics Telephone Ancillary

Telephone Ancillary

Telephones further have accessories like battery hargers, headsets and handsets, mounting brackets, strobes, power supplies, kits and circuit assemblies. To find out more details about these products, kindly follow the link below.

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