Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts

ADVANCE SmartSeries™

Get a lightning fast emergency notification system, ADVANCE, which links multiple independent communication devices around a facility and facilitates centralized monitoring. Featuring pre-recorded messages, 100 customizable alarm tones, and emergency source identification, this device guarantees consistently optimal industrial communication.

ADVANCE - Smart cabinet to operate multiple page party devices

Smart Features

ADVANCE control unit will interface with all page party devices in the industry to enhance efficiency response and performance of industrial emergency communication system. Each device is given an ID and therefore can be supervised for features like page line usage, system cable integrity, station amplifier and speaker functionality to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Self Diagnostics

Monitor the status of each device and quickly identify any problems with speaker and handset amplifier. Moreover, you have the capability to monitor both the cable path and voice calls.

Smart Status

Introducing an intuitive graphical user interface that visually maps all Page Party systems, enabling swift identification and, consequently, prompt response.

Smart Volume

Is your industry one with high ambient noise? Are announcements lost because of the same? Look no further, for ADVANCE ensures employees hear announcements even in areas with high ambient noise.

Priority Page

Highlighting the Priority Page feature, empowering control room operators to override regular communication and issue priority pages and live updates to emergency response personnel.


Looking for something smaller and easier on the wallet? Then ADVANCE Lite is a great economical alternative to a full ADVANCE cabinet. ADVANCE Lite is ideal for power plants, manufacturing facilities, light industry and water treatment plants. Supervise upto 1500 page party stations and monitor upto 8 access panels with this small wall mount enclosure. Benefit from the features of ADVANCE like priority page, self diagnostics, smart status and audio messenger interface with pre-recorded messages in this compact device.

ADVANCE Lite - economical solution to ADVANCE
ADVANCE Access Panels

Access Panels

Easily identify faults and status of page party devices with ADVANCE access panels. Choose between desktop and console models. Each of these access panels has the following operating capabilities : voice paging, party line communication (with other access panels or Page/Party® stations), activation/reset of emergency alarms, and a text display of the system operating status.

The access panel speaker can broadcast page and alarm audio. A sounder (sonalert) can annunciate system alarm/trouble conditions or communication requests to the access panel operator.

Graphical User Interface

GAI-Tronics Portable Graphical User Interface (GUI) software offers a flexible and user friendly means to view real time status and faults of smart series systems. It supports 1 to 20 Remote View Nodes.

You simply require a dedicated PC with the following: Intel® Pentium® 4 2GHz or faster processor (or equivalent), Windows XP, 512MB of RAM, 20MB free hard drive space.

Graphical user interface software