Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts

GAI-Tronics Public Address and General Alarm System

Public Address And General Alarm System

Introducing the GAI-Tronics public address and general alarm system, a cutting-edge, network-enabled emergency communication, alarms, and broadcasting solution specifically designed to thrive in the most challenging environments globally. Engineered for efficiency, speed, and security, this system guarantees swift and reliable communication in critical situations. Trusted across various industries, including Oil & Gas Platforms, FPSOs, Power Generation Plants, Refineries, Chemical Plants, and industrial facilities worldwide, it prioritizes the safety of all personnel. Elevate your safety protocols with a system that stands resilient in the face of adversity, ensuring seamless communication when it matters most.

Elemec PAGA

Elemec 3, powered by GAI-Tronics, stands as a robust Public Address and General Alarm system controller. Crafted for failsafe operation, it features comprehensive system and fault status monitoring around the clock. The system allows for the automatic or manual initiation of prioritized paging, emergency broadcasts, and alarms from any point within the user's network. Experience unparalleled reliability and control with Elemec 3, your go-to solution for seamless and efficient communication in critical situations.

GAI-Tronics Public address and general alarm system - ELEMAC 3
GAI-Tronics IP Controller for ELEMAC PA/GA System

IP & Paging Alarm Controller for PAGA System

The table or rack mount PoE powered IP Controller is the principal component of an IP public address and/or general alarm system. Use the IP Controller as a standalone alarm generator and SIP telephone connect, or with GAI-Tronics range of IP paging and alarm products, SP2, HUBBCOM™ devices, IP input and output modules, and IP amplifiers. Each controller offers up to two hundred and fifty-six (256) inputs and outputs (I/O).

PAGA Access Panels

Optimize your facility's communication with our cutting-edge Public Address and General Alarm systems, seamlessly managed through internet protocol access panels. These devices offer a secure and straightforward method for monitoring all communication devices within your facility. Elevate your control and monitoring capabilities with our state-of-the-art systems, ensuring a streamlined and secure communication network for your facility's safety and operational efficiency. Trust in technology that not only meets but exceeds your communication needs.

GAI-Tronics IP & Paging Alarm Controller

IP Access Panel

The GAI-Tronics IP Access Panel (IPAP) is a user-friendly application designed for E3. It works on any Windows® 10 PC, all-in-one, tablet, or can be bought pre-loaded on various suitable devices. IPAP offers straightforward, secure, and easy-to-understand control and information in a format that you can customize to fit your needs.

GAI-Tronics IP Access Panel Lite

IP Access Panel Lite

GAI-TRONICS IP Access Panel Lite provides alarm activation in conjunction with a GAI-TRONICS IP public address and general alarm system. The IP Access Panel Lite can be used to activate and reset up to 11 alarm tones once configured. It can be configured to provide zone specific live audio paging. This can be done via the GAI-TRONICS Portal firmware.