Clarity of communication of TAIT Radios even in high ambient noise locations like rock concerts

Welcome to MGQ telecom - Leaders in Industrial Communication solutions

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Who we are

MGQ Telecom is your provider of trustworthy Excellence in Telecommunication Equipment- Where Honesty and Safety Define Us

Telecommunication network between people in companies facilitated by MGQ telecom

We pride ourselves on our innovation, integrity, commitment to reach optimum solutions for our customers. Our business focuses on all facet's of today's modern radio communication technology. From straight forward two way communication, utilizing "Walky Talkies", to complex multiple sites analog or digital radio communication systems. The MGQ Telecommunications team are happy to assist you in selecting the right equipment and accessories for your application. We will work out conceptual designs and solutions in line with your requirements and budget. Our clients range from small commercial organizations to large industrial complexes.

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About MGQ Telecom

MGQ Telecommunications Equipment Trading LLC is a Limited Liability Company, registered under the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates, with an office in Dubai. The company is licensed to trade in the UAE and is registered with Dubai Chambers of Commerce for the importation, supply, installation and maintenance of Communications Systems solutions.

Founded on the vast expertise of our director (11 years in Saudi Arabia followed by 26 years in UAE), at MGQ we have an in-depth understanding of the local customer requirements.

Mission of MGQ Telecom


We strive to be a leading organization in the Telecom sector in United Arab Emirates, committed to maintaining positive competition to protect the interests of the customers, and promoting the electronic transformation of the federal agencies and their services, by relying on national competencies to apply the best international standards and practices in the supervision of the sectors and to encourage innovation and investment.

Vision of MGQ Telecom


MGQ Telecommunications Equipment Trading LLC to be the preferred choice of every radio and industrial communication system user in the UAE.